Bulli Pass Landslide Barrier


The Bulli Pass road in the Wollongong Escarpment is subject to rockslides, especially in times of heavy rainfall. Wollongong City Council embarked on a project to reduce the residual slope risk profile from landslide and rock fall events.  Council engaged PWA for the design, procurement and installation of approximately 1.1km of a high energy and volume capacity barrier and slope stabilisation works.

The barrier is 3.5m high and is a proprietary (Geobrugg) high tensile steel mesh barrier system that is located above the existing road and is designed to contain a 500kg rock travelling at 160km/hour.

The project was recently recognised at the IPWEA (NSW) State Conference as the recipient of the Excellence in Road Safety Award.


Congratulations to Kyogle Council, which recently won two different environmental awards for the Kyogle Fishway project. The project was awarded the NSW Local Government’s Excellence in the Environment award, and just ten days later, won the Habitat and Wildlife Guardianship Award as part of the Keep NSW Beautiful Blue Star Sustainability Awards.

The fishway has created a passage for more than 26 native fish species to move upstream by converting the existing water supply weir into a ramp with a gradual slope of five per cent. It allows native fish to cross the weir to spawn, feed and seek refuge in the upper reaches of the Richmond River.

PWA’s innovative design allowed the structure to be constructed in challenging conditions and at half the cost of traditional fishways and was specifically designed to minimise ongoing maintenance requirements.

This is a brilliant example of cross-government cooperation between Kyogle Council, Public Works Advisory, DPI Fisheries, Infrastructure NSW and NSW Environmental Trust.

MYER ORANGE – adaptive re-use

Orange, like many country towns, has a large heritage building in the centre of its CBD. Community feelings are always high when it comes to heritage icons. Public Works Advisory’s Heritage Group offered specialist advice to enable the building to proceed to adaptive re-use. These specialist services are unique within NSW Government and available to State and Local Government agencies alike.
To quote Gary Styles, General Manager, Orange City Council: “Orange City Council found the specialist structural and heritage advice provided by Public Works Advisory invaluable in the protection of one of our city’s iconic buildings.”


The new Muswellbrook Tertiary Education Centre is part of Muswellbrook Shire Council’s vision to grow a heritage, research, and vocational and tertiary education precinct within the town’s central business district. The teaching style of the new college aims to replicate what students will face when they start their job hunt. Rooms were purpose-built to give insight into the way industry works. The building features a hair and beauty room, a student common, a computer lab and a computer work room, general purpose rooms, and staff areas.
Muswellbrook Council engaged PWA to contract manage the design and construction of the facility.